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The Product

perspective of your users

Our Test Methodology

We focus on functionality from the perspective of your users.

Whereas most functionality tests are mouse-based, we run them for keyboard operability, and we do them the way a user would. Your users aren’t scrolling through a whole page at once; they’re performing specific tasks that jump them from one page to another and sometimes back. Likewise, instead of testing page-by-page, SenseIT runs task-based user-flow tests. That way, we make sure you know what to prioritize so that the basic, critical actions your clients need to take on your platform are accessible to them.

We understand our clients are looking for solutions that would help them to refine accessibility as an integral part of their development processes.

perspective of your users

Leverage Existing Test Scripts

We make it easy for you.

The first step to using SenseIT is importing your existing automated functionality tests. We take them and render them into functional keyboard accessibility tests in minutes. Our software integrates with popular automation frameworks, so you can import your scripts with no extra time or effort involved in rewriting your test scripts on SenseIT’s dashboard. All that’s left for you to do is run the test.

perspective of your users

Automated Accessibility Testing

We emphasize efficiency.

We’ve automated the accessibility testing process to do exactly what a manual tester would, but with one big difference: as SenseIT tests your product, if it encounters them, it flags any accessibility barriers, and then continues with the rest of the test. SenseIT is the only automated accessibility test framework that does what it does. Our automation allows us to run all of your test suites in a short amount of time, allowing you to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

perspective of your users

SenseIT’s Interactive Dashboard

We value transparency.

At the end of the test run, any barriers to accessibility that we find are presented to you in a convenient report on SenseIT’s dashboard, so that you know what needs to be fixed, along with suggestions on how to fix them. We stay up to date with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and we include references to them in your report, so you know your product is compliant and you can always check why a particular issue needs to be fixed. We involve you in the process of making sure your product is accessible, and we’re there to help you in every step on the way.

perspective of your users

A Seamless Part of Your CI

We keep up with development best practices.

SenseIT continuously monitors the accessibility of every user flow in your system by merging with your existing CI platform. That way, your product stays accessible as you update and change it. As with every other kind of functionality testing, incorporating accessibility testing early in the development cycle prevents unnecessary heartache and expense later on. We make it so simple to do that, it’s as easy as pushing a button.

Every functional test automatically turns into an accessibility test.