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Exploring the SenseIT Logo - An All-Inclusive Design

Sense-It's logo is on the left - a dot at the bottom center with an arching semicircle above it. Next to it on the right is the text: SenseIT. The whole thing is gradient blue to turquoise.

At first glance, the SenseIT logo looks like a generic communications signal – something that any tech company might use. It’s a dot at the bottom center with an arching semicircle above it, all a pleasant gradient blue to turquoise. But what at first appears simple turns out to be deceptively complex.

The logo was designed with the nature of the company’s work and ethos in mind. We were inspired by the symbols of sight, sound, and touch, which we treat as universal and simple. As it appears head-on, the logo looks like an eye, representing users who are blind or have a visual impairment. Turned on its side, the logo’s shape reveals itself to be that of the human ear, representing the deaf and hearing-impaired community for whom accessible digital experiences make life easier. The dot in the center symbolizes a button that a person might push, representing the human touch that stands behind our company's values.


The circular arch is indicative of inclusivity. We strive to enable a digital world that allows everyone the ability to participate. In fact, our guiding principle is equity vs. equality. We believe that people should live barrier-free lives; it is up to us to remove the barriers.


For SenseIT, digital accessibility is about the people accessibility serves. It’s about including anyone and everyone on digital platforms by default and thereby maximizing the human potential in any given company. Because people with disabilities are first and foremost people. It makes sense that our logo is based on human anatomy because great tech is all about serving the people who use it.

Inclusive. Compliant. Simple.